You’ve Survived the Terrible Twos – Now What?

You’ve Survived the Terrible Twos – Now What?

Let your preschooler thrive at Trinity in Compton, CA

Your child’s personality is quickly developing. Although you miss newborn cuddles and naptimes, you’re excited to watch your child blossom into a unique individual with preferences and opinions. Trinity Unlimited strives to facilitate that early development. Our licensed childcare professionals teach separate classes for three to four year olds and four to five year olds.

Additionally, we let children mix and mingle with their peers in a safe play environment. Owner Miss Linda has even maintained her tradition of cooking nourishing meals and snacks for Trinity students. Call 310-631-7810 to reserve your preschooler’s place at Compton, California’s preferred daycare facility.

4 crafts for the whole family to enjoy

The fun doesn’t have to end when your child leaves daycare. Spend quality time with your preschooler and make something together. These DIY projects are perfect for a small crafter:

  1. Apply white paint to a dish brush and print on cardstock for a dandelion effect
  2. Paint puzzle pieces in fall colors and glue to a paper tree trunk for autumn wall art
  3. Glue white cotton wool and googly eyes to a pinecone to create a snowy owl
  4. Let your child hand paint a canvas for a family member or friend who needs encouragement