Is Your Child Bored With the Babysitter?

Is Your Child Bored With the Babysitter?

Consider afterschool care in Compton, California

You may have hired the best babysitter in town, but some kids just want to socialize with people their own age. If it’s time to switch up your afterschool care routine in Compton, CA, schedule a meeting with Trinity Unlimited. Our childcare professionals have over 20 years of experience. With capacity for 85 children, our center is always bustling. Owner Miss Linda picks five to 12 year olds up from school and supervises playtime with new friends.

Miss Linda also prevents your child from zoning out and watching television all afternoon. Her aim is to mentor and uplift students from different backgrounds. Through spiritual, educational and nutritional care, Miss Linda teaches students how to succeed at school and in life. Call 310-631-7810 for more information on Compton, CA childcare.

5 ways to better organize your child’s homework assignments

Avoid those late night arguments and stay organized when you:

  1. Use canning jars to arrange school supplies
  2. Place a to-do blackboard in your child’s bedroom
  3. Drill a backpack hook by your door for visible storage
  4. Color coordinate each child’s homework bins
  5. Stick “keep at home” labels on house office supplies