3 Ways Trinity Helps Your Child Feel Right at Home

Our Compton, CA daycare is the right choice

Before you drop off your child with a new childcare team, you want to know the ins and outs of the facility. Trinity Unlimited is a local caregiving center that values integrity and exceptional childcare. We’ll supervise all interactions between your child and his or her peers. Let Trinity be your child’s home away from home.

1. Unique family values are respected

When your child arrives at the Trinity Unlimited Childcare Center, he or she will be greeted with the welcoming smiles of our licensed daycare staff. Our mission as caregivers is to listen to your child’s aspirations and meet his or her developmental needs. We hope to become an integral part of each child’s life as we provide educational, nutritional and spiritual direction.

We’ll work seamlessly with you and your child’s teacher to establish goals for your child’s continued growth. Reserve a place in our leading Compton, California daycare facility when you call 310-631-7810. We look forward to nurturing your child and being a resource for your family.

2. A safe and loving childcare environment is maintained

The Trinity team strives to recreate the same warmth and comfort your child experiences at home. Our methods might be old-school, but they work. Each day, owner Miss Linda will pick your child up from school. She’ll mentor your child, assist with homework and discuss school performance. Miss Linda will also bake and cook nutritional snacks and meals for students.

Miss Linda opened Trinity Unlimited in 2000. At first, she provided daycare services in her house. Then, as Trinity gained a reputation for safe and affordable childcare, Miss Linda moved to her current center in Compton, CA. Trinity has a staff of 10 caregivers and capacity for 85 children. Contact us to learn more about our programming and services for:

3. Imagination is encouraged

While your child should excel in the classroom, there’s something to be said for prioritizing fun. Trinity Unlimited will teach your child how to play and socialize with his or her peers. After a taxing day at school, we offer a bright and engaging play atmosphere. Call 310-631-7810 to schedule a tour of our Compton, California daycare facilities. Hurry, you might just make it in time for a story.

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